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It is with great pleasure that today we announce the establishment of our new Thibert Logistique service. In fact, the Thibert, leader in distribution in Châteauguay is starting a new division intended for the transport, storage and distribution of packages and pallets for North American companies.

“Thibert Logistique is the perfect complement to our distribution services that we have been offering our customers  for 45 years now. We are specialists in delivering our products to our customers, we own the infrastructure, and we know how to do it well. It is therefore normal for us to deploy this new division for our current and future customers. I am very proud of the team that will lead this division and I intend to actively support its development.” said Christian Thibert, President of Thibert.

“The pandemic was a trigger for this project at Thibert. Indeed, we have seen how important our fleet of trucks and our distribution centers are in our supply chain. We therefore decided to deploy our resources to support other companies who lack options for the delivery and storage of their packages and pallets. We therefore founded Thibert Logistique. “, said Marco Paquette, Vice President of Supply Chain and Information Technology at Thibert and President of Thibert Logistique.

Thibert Logistique is now officially launched. You can consult our website (www.Thibertlogistique.com) and our social networks Facebook and LinkedIn to get to know us better and see the variety of services we offer you. In the continuity of the Thibert service since 1976, Thibert Logistique is proud to support you in your success.

Source :
Marco Paquette