Growth of Thibert Logistics in the Toronto area

Mississauga, June 22, 2023.

Thibert Logistics continues to grow in the Greater Toronto Area. Indeed, the transportation, warehousing and distribution company now offers delivery and warehousing services in several cities in Ontario.

With several departures between Montreal and Toronto each day, Thibert Logistics can now deliver shipments to its customers the next day in the vast majority of the provinces of Quebec and Ontario.

“Our network is expanding week by week. Our Thibert and Thibert Logistics customers can count on us every day for fast, professional and courteous service. We are in Ontario to stay and to continue our progress. Our fleet of 53 feet, 26 feet, 20 feet and sprinter trucks evolves according to the needs of our customers.” Marco Paquette, President of Thibert Logistics.

“Our services are varied. We offer problem-free courier, LTL and TL delivery for both provinces, both intra and inter-province. Our rates are very competitive and our surcharges are minimal, which is what sets us even more apart from our competitors.” Amélie de Cotin, General Manager of Thibert Logistics.

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